NOTICE TO VENDORS – Please read this Notice of Check Stock change.

The WIC program provides eligible participants with nutrition education, healthy foods, and referrals to health and social service programs. WCD WIC partners with the vendors to ensure that participants have access to the nutritious foods that have been prescribed for them by our WIC Educator.

In order to become an authorized vendor you must submit an application, meet all selection criteria, pass a store inspection, stock the required amounts of WIC foods and/or formulas and offer them at a competitive price.

Violations and Sanctions
Vendor Termination of Contract
Vendor Appeals
Food Stamp Disqualification
Vendor Selection and Limiting Criteria
Management of Above 50% Vendor Cost Containment
Vendor Monitoring – Compliance Buys
Civil Money Penalty
New Vendors Pre-Site Preauthorization Inspections
Vendor Application and Authorization Process
Vendor Peer Group Criteria
Vendor Competitive Price Criteria
Restriction on Vendor Incentive Items