Serving Women, Infants and Children

Providing supplemental foods, health referrals and social services along with nutrition education, and breastfeeding education and support.

More fruits and veggies coming soon to your WIC benefits. Starting with June, women and children get a temporary increase to $35 per month for 4 months. CANNED fruits and veggies will be added to help you stock up. Use your WIC app to scan the UPC to check if an item is allowable. Be sure to redeem your full higher amount each month

Fruit Veggie Increase

Online Application

Effective 03/25/20, WCD WIC will serve all participants via telephone. WE ARE NOT CLOSING and YOUR BENEFITS WILL NOT END.  We are taking COVID-19 precautionary measures to protect your family and our staff. Until further notice, we will be closed to ‘in person’ appointments.  Any questions, please call (800) 492.3942 and THANK YOU for choosing WCD WIC.

What is WIC?

WIC is a USDA Food and Nutrition Service that is federally funded and provides supplemental nutritious foods, referrals to health and social services, nutrition education, and breastfeeding education and support.

Women and children receive benefits for the purchase of nutritious foods including milk, eggs, cheese, cereal, juice, beans, peanut butter, whole grain bread, rice, pasta or tortillas, fresh and frozen fruits and vegetables.

Infants receive benefits for the purchase of infant cereal, baby fruits and vegetables and infant formula if not breastfed.

Foods must meet strict nutritional standards based on current research to be included in the WIC food package. These foods contain many important vitamins and nutrients like iron, calcium, protein, vitamin C and fiber.